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Recycling Information for Customers
Philips establishes technically and economically
viable objectives to optimize the environmental
performance of the organization’s product,
service and activities.
From the planning, design and production
stages, Philips emphasizes the important of
making products that can easily be recycled. At
Philips, end-of-life management primarily entails
participation in national take-back initiatives
and recycling programs whenever possible,
preferably in cooperation with competitors.
There is currently a system of recycling up and
running in the European countries, such as The
Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and
In U.S.A., Philips Consumer Electronics North
America has contributed funds for the
Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) Electronics
Recycling Project and state recycling initiatives
for end-of-life electronics products from
household sources. In addition, the Northeast
Recycling Council (NERC) - a multi-state
non-profit organization focused on promoting
recycling market development - plans to
implement a recycling program.
In Asia Pacific, Taiwan, the products can be taken
back by Environment Protection Administration
(EPA) to follow the IT product recycling
management process, detail can be found in
web site help and service,
please read the section of Service and Warranty
or the following team of Environmental
specialist can help.