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1. Set up the time first.
Go to the main menu --> Auto dim -->
Auto dim start (this is the time you want the
display start to work) and then click OK to
Set Auto Dim end time (this is the time you
want the display to turn off) and press OK to
Auto dim timer select “ON” and press OK to
Why when I insert photos I got from PC, the
PhotoFrame does not show them?
This may be because the file is progressive JPEG
which mainly from internet. The PhotoFrame
does support progressive JPEG.
This is done to prevent the PhotoFrame from
being formatted by PC. You can still upload
photos into internal memory via other memory
Why the photos distort?
If the format of picture is different as the
PhotoFrame (for example,if you set “auto fit”
on the PhotoFrame, a 4x3 photo input into
a (16x9) PhotoFrame may distort. You can
set a background colour or set RadiantColor.
A background colour keeps the correct
aspect ratio but may have black bar (or the
background colour you select). we recommend
you to select RadiantColor to keep the correct
aspect ratio with the exterior of photo colour
RadiantColor does give you the best viewing
experience. Users can go to: Main menu>
What is the difference between background,
Auto fit and RadiantColor?
If the picture format is different as the
PhotoFrame, the PhotoFrame provides several
solutions for it.
Auto fit: it is just like wide screen TV, the
PhotoFrame extends the photo to fill fully the
screen with picture distortion.t
Background colour: the PhotoFrame displays
a photo without distortion but with black bar
or a selected background colour.
RadiantColor: the PhotoFrame displays a
photo without distortion with RadiantColor.
RadiantColor is a new technology that the
system analyses the colour of picture edge
and extend the colour to fill the screen. This
does improve the viewing experience. Users
can go to: Main menu>Slideshow>Backgroun
d>RadiantColor/Auto fit/black/red/gray.
When I connect to both USB flash driver and
PC, why I cannot see USB flash in PC?
That is the limitation of the PhotoFrame. If you
want to transfer photos from PC to USB flash
driver, we recommand that you do copy actions
on PC.
Does the PhotoFrame support CF II?
No, it does not support CF II.
Why Auto Dim does not work?