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exactly at the Auto-off time. If the time has
already passed for the day, it starts to enter
Auto-off status at the specified time from the
next day.
I try to upload pictures from my PC to a
memory card, which I then insert into the
PhotoFrame. However, the PhotoFrame does
not show the photos. What can I do?
Load all photos you want to upload to the
PhotoFrame in the root directory of your
memory card. Power off your PhotoFrame,
insert the memory card, and then restart the
PhotoFrame. After a few seconds, all photos
in the root directory of the memory card will
be automatically added to the PhotoFrame.
The root directory on memory card will NOT
be emptied after this operation. Note that
this operation does not apply to photos in
Does the PhotoFrame support progressive
No, it does not support progressive JPEG. If you
insert a memory with progressive JPEG file, the
PhotoFrame does not show.
Why I cannot delete one of the pre-load
image (baby)?
The PhotoFrame actually has limited internal
memory that only can save up to 4 photos
(after the PhotoFrame resizes the photos to fit
into internal memory).
The PhotoFrame gives users the flexibility to
delete 3 photos and upload another 3 photos
but protects only 1 original Philips photo
(Philips brand with baby).
The PhotoFrame gives users more flexibility to
delete all pre-load images via updating firmware.
The new firmware is available in end of July
2008. You can go to
for downloading new firmware to do so.
When I connect to PC, why I cannot see
the internal memory but need to use other
memory card to upload photos into internal
The PhotoFrame actually has limited internal
memory that only can save up to 4 photos
(after the PhotoFrame resizes the photos to fit
into internal memory).
8 Frequently
asked questions
Is the LCD screen touch-enabled?
The LCD screen is not touch-enabled. Use the
buttons on the back to control the PhotoFrame.
Can I switch different slideshow photos by
using different memory cards?
Yes. When a memory card is connected to the
PhotoFrame, it displays photos stored on that
specific card in slideshow mode.
Will the LCD screen be damaged, if I keep
showing the same photo for a long time?
No. The PhotoFrame can display the same
photo continuously for 72 hours without any
damage to the LCD screen.
Can I use the PhotoFrame to delete photos
on a memory card?
Yes, it supports operations to delete photos on
external devices such as a memory card.
Can I print photos from the PhotoFrame?
No, it does not support direct photo printing.
Can I use the PhotoFrame during its Auto-off
Yes. Press any control button to bring the
system back to ON status.
Why does not my PhotoFrame show some of
my photos?
Digital cameras take photos and store them
in JPEG format according to camera industry
standards. The PhotoFrame is designed to show
photos following the same industry standards.
Images, such as web images, scanned images,
or photos in RAW format from professional
cameras, are not stored according to camera
industry standards and therefore cannot be
correctly displayed on the PhotoFrame. Use
PC applications to convert such images into
standard JPEG format for the PhotoFrame.
Why does not my PhotoFrame go into Auto-
off status after I set it?
First, make sure you set the current time,
Auto-off time, and Auto-on time correctly. The
PhotoFrame automatically turns off its display