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Where water
supply can be
easily connected
in a dry place
Where it is free
from heat
Select a place where a water supply can be
easily connected between the automatic ice
maker and dispenser.
Installing the refrigerator in a wet or damp
area may cause rust and may be an electrical
If this refrigerator is installed where the
ambient temperature is high, the freezing
capacity is deteriorated and the cost of
electricity used increases.
Install the refrigerator at a place where the ambient temperature is 5˚C ~ 43˚C
Ambient temperature outside this range may cause product malfunction. Also, the
tube between the dispenser and automatic ice maker may freeze.
Bottom Pad
Method to remove protection film(Some Model)
1. Grasp the handles with both hands and push them upward to remove.
2. Entirely remove the protection film adhered to the external surface of the door.
Assemble the fixing bracket on both ends of the handle to the fixing bolt of the door
and lower the handle downward until it is entirely fixed.
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