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Care and Maintenance
Odors in refrigerator
Door(s) will not
Door(s) will not
Drawers are
difficult to move.
Dispenser will not
dispense ice
Opening/Closing of doors/Drawers
Possible cause
Food is touching shelf on top of the
Track that drawer slides on is dirty.
Ice storage bin is empty.
Freezer temperature is set too warm.
Household water line valve is not open.
Refrigerator or freezer door is not
Refrigerator is not level. It rocks on the
floor when it is moved slightly.
Floor is uneven or weak.
Refrigerator rocks on the floor when it
is moved slightly.
Refrigerator is touching wall or cabinets.
Interior needs to be cleaned.
Food with strong odor is in the refrigerator.
Some containers and wrapping materials
produce odors.
Food package is keeping door open.
Door was closed too hard, causing other
door to open slightly.
Be sure both doors are closed.
Open household water line valve and
allow sufficient time for ice to be made.
When ice is made, dispenser should
Turn the freezer control to a higher
setting so that ice cubes will be made.
When the first supply of ice is made,
the dispenser should operate.
Clean drawer and track.
Be sure floor is level and can adequately
support refrigerator.
Contact carpenter to correct sagging or
sloping floor.
Move refrigerator.
Keep less food in drawer.
Adjust the height adjusting screw.
Use a different container or brand of
Move packages that keep door from
Close both doors gently.
Cover food completely.
Clean interior with sponge,warm water
and baking soda.
When the first supply of ice is
into the bin, the dispenser should operate.
Refrigerator is touchig wall or cabinets.
Move refrigerator so that it does not touch
the wall or refrigerator
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