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Care and Maintenance
Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you both time and expense.
This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective
workmanship or materials in this appliance.
Possible cause
Refrigerator control is off.
Refrigerator is in defrost cycle.
Plug at wall outlet is disconnected.
Power outage. Check house lights.
Refrigerator is larger than the previous
one you owned.
Room or outside weather is hot.
Refrigerator has recently been
disconnected for a period of time.
Large amounts of warm or hot food
may have been stored recently.
Doors are opened too frequently or too
Refrigerator or freezer door may be
slightly open.
Refrigerator control is set too cold.
Refrigerator or freezer gasket is dirty,
worn, cracked, or poorly fitted.
Thermostat is keeping the refrigerator
at a constant temperature.
Set refrigerator control. See setting the
This is normal for a fully automatic
defrosting refrigerator. The defrost
cycle occurs periodically.
Make sure plug is tightly pushed into
Call local electric company.
This is normal. Larger, more efficient
units run longer in these conditions.
It is normal for the refrigerator to work
longer under these conditions.
It takes some hours for the refrigerator
to cool down completely.
Warm food will cause the refrigerator to
run longer
until the desired temperature
is reached.
Warm air entering the refrigerator
causes it to run longer. Open the door
less often.
Make sure the refrigerator is level.
Keep food and containers from
blocking door. See Troubleshooting
section OPENING/CLOSING of doors.
Set the refrigerator control to a
warmer setting until the refrigerator
temperature is satisfactory.
Clean or change gasket. Leaks in the
door seal will cause refrigerator to run
longer in order to maintain desired
This is normal. Refrigerator goes on
off to keep the temperature constant.
Running of refrigerator
does not run.
runs too much
or too long
Water / Moisture / Ice inside refrigerator
Moisture collects
on the inside walls
of the refrigerator
The weather is hot and humid which increases
the rate of frost build up and internal sweating.
This is normal.
Door is slightly open.
See problem section opening/closing
Door opened too often or too long.
Open the door less often.
Water / Moisture / Ice outside refrigerator
Moisteure forms
on the outside of
the refrigerator or
between doors
Weather is humid.
This is normal in humid weather. When humidity
is lower, the moisture should disappear.
Door is slightly open, causing cold air from
the inside the refrigerator to meet warm air
from the outside.
This time, close the door completely .
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