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Care and Maintenance
To remove the lamp cover, press the protrusion under the lamp cover to the front and
then pull the lamp cover out.
Turn the bulb counterclockwise. Max. 40 W bulb for refrigerator is used and can be
purchased at a service center.
Lamp in
To remove the vegetable compartment
cover, pull out the vegetable compartment
a bit to the front
, lift the front part of the
vegetable compartment cover as shown by
, and take it out.
Be sure to remove parts from the refrigerator door when removing the vegetable
snack drawer, and refreshment center cover.
Replacing filter causes small amount of water(around 25cc) to flow out.
Please put up a cup under the hole to prevent it.
It is recommended that you replace the filter
when the water filter indicator light turns on or
your water dispenser or ice maker decreases
After changing the water filter cartridge, reset
the water filter status display and indicator light
by pressing and holding the BUTTON for 3
1) Remove the old cartridge.
Rotate the knob of the cartridge counter clockwise.
When the cartridge is removed, you will feel it click
out of place.
Pull out the cartridge.
3) Flushing the Water System After Replacing Filter.
Dispense water through the water dispenser for 3
minutes to purge the system.
2) Replace with a new cartridge.
Take the new cartridge out of it's packaging and remove
protective cover from the o-rings. With cartridge knob in
the vertical position, push the new filter cartridge into
the cover until it stops.
If you can’t turn the filter from side to side, it isn’t fully
inserted. Push it in firmly and twist it into place. You will
hear the snap when it clicks into place. Using it's handle,
twist the cartridge clockwise about 1/4 turn. You will hear
the snap when it clicks into place.
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