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What is Not Covered ByThese
1. Conditionsand damagesresulting from any of the following:
a. Improperinstallation,delivery,or maintenance.
b. Any repair,modification,alteration,or adjustmentnot
authorizedby the manufactureror an authorizedservicer.
c. Misuse,abuse,accidents,or unreasonableuse.
d. Incorrectelectric current, voltage,or supply.
e. Impropersettingof any control.
2. Warrantiesare void if the original serial numbershavebeen
removed,alteredor cannot be readilydetermined.
3. Light bulbs.
4. Productspurchasedfor commercialor industrial use.
5. The cost of serviceor servicecall to:
a. Correct installationerrors.
b. Instruct the user on the proper use of the product.
c. Transportthe applianceto the servicer.
6. Consequentialor incidental damagessustainedby any person
as a resultof any breachof thesewarranties.Somestates do
not allow the exclusionor limitation of consequentialor
incidental damages,so the aboveexclusionmaynot apply.
If You Need
Call the dealerfrom whom your appliancewas purchasedor call
Maytag ServicessM,Jenn-Air CustomerAssistanceat
1-800-JENNAIR0-800-536-6247) U.S.A.and Canada,to locate
an authorizedservicer.
Besure to retain proof of purchaseto verify warrantystatus.
for further informationon owner's
responsibilitiesfor warranty service.
Ifthe dealer or servicecompanycannot resolvethe problem,
write to MaytagServicessM,
Attn: CAIR_Center,P.O.Box 2370,
Cleveland,TN 37320-2370or call
U.S.A.and Canada.
U.S.customersusing TTYfor deaf,hearingimpaired or speech
impaired,call 1-800-688-2080.
User'sguides,servicemanualsand parts informationare
availablefrom Maytag ServicessM,Jenn-Air CustomerAssistance.
• When writing
or calling about a service problem, please
include the following information:
a. Your name, address and telephone number;
b. Model number and serial number;
c. Name and address of your dealer or servicer;
d. A clear description of the problem you are having;
e. Proof of purchase (sales receipt).