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• Boiling water, gurgling sounds or slight vibrations that are the result
of the refrigerant circulating through the cooling coils.
• The thermostat control will click when it cycles on and off.
Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear
• For most efficient operation and minimum energy consumption, defrost
whenever the frost becomes 1/4” thick. Use only provided plastic
scraper. Do not use boiling water as it may damage the unit.
DANGER - Risk of Fire or Explosion due to puncture
refrigerant tubing. Flammable refrigerant used. Do not
use metal instruments to defrost freezer. Do not puncture
refrigerant tubing.
• Turn the temperature control to OFF position and unplug the unit.
Defrosting usually takes a few hours. To defrost faster keep the freezer
door open.
• For draining, place a tray beneath the outer drain plug. Unscrew and
remove drain plug. (See fig #3) This will let the water flow out in the
tray. When done, screw on the drain plug in place.
monitor the container under the drain to avoid overflow.
• When draining is complete, wipe the interior of the freezer with a soft
cloth. Plug in power cord back into the electrical outlet.
• Reset the temperature control to the desired setting.
• Return the food into the freezer.
Risk of Fire or Explosion. Flammable refrigerant used. Do not puncture
of refrigerant tubing. To be repaired only by trained authorized service
personnel. Consult Repair Manual before attempting to service this
product. All Safety Precautions Must be followed. Component parts
shall be replaced with like components to minimize the risk of possible
ignition due to incorrect parts or improper service.
Defrosting and Draining
fig. # 3
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