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1. Remove all packaging material. This includes the foam base and all
adhesive tape holding the freezer accessories inside and
2. Inspect and remove any remains of packing, tape or printed
materials before powering on the freezer.
Risk of Fire or Explosion due to puncture of refrigerant tubing.
Flammable refrigerant used. Handle with care when moving freezer to
avoid either damaging the refrigerant tubing or increasing the risk of a
• Your freezer is designed for freestanding installation only.
It should not be recessed or built-in.
• Place the freezer on a floor strong enough to support it fully loaded.
• When moving the freezer, never tilt it more than a 45-degree angle.
This could damage the compressor and the sealed system.
• If the freezer is tilted let it stand in an upright position for at least 24
hours prior to plugging. This is to allow the refrigerant to settle.
• To assure your freezer works at the maximum efficiency it
was designed for, you should install it in a location where there
is proper air circulation, plumbing and electrical connections.
• The following are recommended clearances around the freezer:
Sides……………4” (102mm)
4” (102mm)
Do not block
Unpacking Your Freezer
Adjusting Your Freezer
Proper Air Circulation
Installing Your Freezer
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