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Care and Cleaning
Cleaning the Outside
The door handles and trim (on some models). Clean
Keep the outside clean.
Wipe with a clean cloth lightly
dampened with kitchen appliance wax or mild liquid dish
wet towel. These may leave a residue that can erode
bleach or cleaners containing either bleach or ammonia
because these products can scratch and weaken the
paint finish.
The stainless steel doors and door handles
(on some
models) can be cleaned with a commercially available
stainless steel cleaner. Cleaners with oxalic acid such as
cleanser free of grit and rub in the direction of the brush
wax or polish on the stainless steel.
Cleaning the Condenser
To reduce the risk of death or
electric shock, you must follow these
Unplug the refrigerator before removing any
Do not contact or damage any wiring while the
panel is removed.
Replace all parts and panels before plugging
the refrigerator back in.
Periodically, the condenser of the refrigerator will
become covered with dust and dirt. This can make your
refrigerator cool less effectively and use more energy.
You can improve the refrigerators' performance by
at the back of your refrigerator, at the
bottom, behind the access cover.
Cleaning the condenser requires a
philliips screwdriver, vacuum cleaner
and soft brush with a long handle.
To clean the condenser:
Turn off the refrigerator.
Turn the leveling legs at each
front corner of the refrigerator
counterclockwise until the rollers
support the refrigerator.
Roll the refrigerator out far
enough so you can get behind it
at the bottom. Be sure not to pull
out any water lines connected to
your refrigerator.
Unplug the refrigerator.
to remove the screws securing
the cover to the refrigerator.
tubes with fins.
loosen dust and dirt from the gaps and fins of the
Once the condenser is clean, reinstall the access
cover, replacing all screws.
Plug in the refrigerator.
Return it to its normal position. Turn the legs
clockwise until the legs again bear the weight of the
refrigerator. Also level the refrigerator as required
Turn the refrigerator back on and turn the control
clockwise until it returns to mid setting (vertical) or the
previous position of the control. Check to see if the
refrigerator begins operating.
Access Cover
Condenser - clean with a soft,
long handled brush and a
vacuum cleaner