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Humidity Controlled Drawer and Cover (on some models)
to provide high humidity recommended for most
Slide the control all the way to the LOW setting to
provide lower humidity levels recommended for most
Drawer Removal
and lifting up slightly while pulling drawers past the stop
Cover Removal
1. Remove the drawers.
2. Reach in, push the back of glass cover up, and at the
same time, pull it backward as far as it will come.
Tilt it and take it out. Avoid cleaning the cold
glass cover with hot water because the extreme
temperature difference may cause it to break.
Remove the drawer frame. (Always remove the glass
cover before you take out the drawer frame.)
Lift the frame off the supports at each side and back,
pull it forward, tilt it and take it out.
To replace:
Lower the frame until it rests on the supports at each
side and back.
2. Replace the glass cover, pushing
its front edge firmly into the
front frame channel and gently
lowering the back into place.
3. Replace the drawers.
Storage Drawers
Not all features are on all models.
Snack Drawer
The snack drawer can be moved to the most useful
location for your family’s needs.
Fruit and Vegetable Drawers
Excess water that may accumulate in the bottom of the
drawers should be emptied and the drawers wiped dry.
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