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Troubleshooting Tips...
Before you call for service
needed, service can be scheduled by visiting us online or calling 800.GECARES
Truth or Myth
Truth or Myth?
The automatic ice maker in
my refrigerator will produce ice
when the refrigerator is plugged
in to a power receptacle.
The refrigerator must be connected to water, and the ice maker must be turned on.
Make sure the ice maker is turned on, only after the water line is connected and water is
allow at least 24 hours for the refrigerator to pull down and the unit’s temperature to
from closing. To help reduce to the potential for frost please make sure there is proper
food before loading into the refrigerator, moisture from open containers can add to the
frost load.
Refrigerator door handles can
be easily tightened.
located on the ends of the handles.
After starting the ice maker
throw away 24 hours of ice
To avoid issues with odor and taste the first batch of ice should be discarded
for installation.
section for re-hang procedure.
There is an adjustment to rear
Leveling legs are used to make initial fresh food door adjustment. There should be
Any All-Purpose cleaner can be
used to clean my refrigerator.
All-purpose cleaners are not recommended for use on the refrigerator.
The stainless steel doors can be cleaned with a commercially available stainless steel
wax or polish on the stainless steel.
Gaskets will last longer
with regular cleaning and
Clean gaskets with warm soapy water. Make sure all folds are clean and dry after
cleaning. Make sure flanges are clear of any grit or grime. After cleaning the door
gaskets, apply paraffin wax or petroleum jelly to the door gaskets and hinges at the hinge
side. This helps keep the gaskets from sticking and bending out of shape.
removed before use.
AutoFill Pitcher Reference Guide
when connected to power.
The refrigerator must be connected to water, and the water must be turned on.
re-install the filter. Ensure the filter is completely seated in cartridge holder prior to
rotating into housing. The teeth on the filter should be seated in the grooves in the
sure it is reseated properly.
warm water to melt the ice and increase the fresh food temperature.
The pitcher is meant for use with cold tap water only.
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