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Care and Cleaning
objects stick to
cold metal surfaces. Do not touch interior
metal surfaces with wet or damp hands.
Figure 2
If leaving freezer door]
open while on vacation, make certain /
the /
freezer and become entrapped.
Some upright freezers arefrost-free and defrost automatically, but should becleaned
To avoid frequent
occasionally use a plastic scraper to remove frost.
Scrape with a pulling motion. Never use a metal instrument to remove frost.
It is important to defrost and clean freezer when 1/4
to Y2inch of frost hasaccumulated.
Frost may tend to accumulate faster on upper part of the freezer due to warm, moist
air entering the freezer when the door is opened. Remove food and leave the door
open when defrosting the freezer.
On upright models
with adefrost drain (Figure 1), remove drain plug on the inside
floor of the freezer by pulling straight out. To accessexternal drain tu beon models
with a base panel, first remove the two screws from the base panel. Locate the
drain tube near the left center under the freezer. Place a shallow pan under the
drain tu be. Defrost water will drain out. Check pan occasionally so water doesnot
overflow. A Y2inch garden hoseadapter can be usedto drain the freezer directly
into a floor
drain. If your model is not equipped
with an adapter, one can be
purchased at most hardware stores. Replace the drain plug when defrosting and
cleaning are completed.
If the drain is left open, warm air may enter freezer.
On chest models
with a defrost drain, place a shallow pan or the Divider/Drain
Pan (some models) beneath the drain outlet (Figure 2). A Y2inch garden hose
adapter can be usedto drain the freezer directly into afloor drain (Figure 3). Ifyour
model is not equipped with an adapter, one can be purchased at most hardware
stores. Pullout the drain plug inside the freezer, and pull offthe outside defrost drain
plug (Figure 4). Defrost water will drain out. Check pan occasionally so water does
not overflow. Replace the drain plugs when defrosting is completed.
On modelswithout adefrostdrain,
placetowels ornewspapersonthe freezerbottom
to catch the frost,The frost will loosenand fall, Removetowels and/or newspapers,
• If the frost issoft, remove it by using a plastic scraper, Ifthe frost is glazedand hard,
fill deep panswith hot water and placethem on the freezer bottom, Closethe freezer
door, Frost should soften in about 15 minutes, Repeatthis procedure if necessary,
After defrosting, wash inside surfacesof the freezer with a solution of two tablespoons
of baking soda in one quart (1,136 litres) warm water, Rinseand dry, Wring excess
water out of the sponge or cloth when cleaning in the area of the controls, or any
electrical parts,
Wash the removable partsand door basketwith the baking sodasolution mentioned
above, or mild detergent and warm water. Rinseand dry.
pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners, or alkaline solutions on any surface. Do not wash
removable parts in a dishwasher.
the Outside
Wash the cabinet with warm water and mild liquid detergent. Rinsewell and wipe
dry with a clean soft cloth. Replace parts and food.
Short Vacations:
Leavethe freezeroperating during vacationsof lessthan three weeks,
Long Vacations:
If the freezer will not be usedfor several months, remove all food
and unplug the power cord, Clean and dry the interior thoroughly,
To prevent odor
and mold growth, leave the freezer door open slightly, blocking it open if necessary,
Disconnect the power cord plug from the wall outlet, Remove foods, then
defrost, and clean the freezer,
Secure all loose items such as base panel, baskets,
and shelves by taping them securely in place to prevent damage,
In the moving
vehicle, secure freezer in an upright position, and secure to prevent movement, Also
protect outside of freezer with a blanket, or similar item,