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1. When out of operating for a long time:
Remove the power supply cord.
Dry your refrigerator opening the door for 2-3 days.
2. When you get ready to move:
Securely fasten removable interior parts (or move and package them separately)
Do not lay your refrigerator horizontally, or compressor may be damaged.
When you need service: Before you call for service make sure
you need it, check a few things noted below for yourself first.
If refrigerator is not operating:
Is the power supply cord unplugged?
Is home fuse blown or circuit breaker off?
If refrigerator is warmer than usual:
Has the door been open frequently or for a long period?
Is refrigerator overcrowded-preventing good air circulation?
Is the hot thing stored without cooling?
Is the clearance between refrigerator’s side and the wall allowed sufficiently?
If there are unusual sounds:
Is refrigerator placed on the level?
Are foreign objects behind the refrigerator?
Are dishes on refrigerator shelves vibrating?
If so, rearrange the dishes.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its
service agent or a simmilary qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
Only AFR-501(BF.F)
This refrigerator has been built with the door hinges on the right.
If you wish to change the opening direction, follow the instruction below:
• Unplug the refrigerator from its electrical outlet.
• Empty everything in the refrigerator, including shelves, food, etc.
1. Remove the hinge cover on the right top
of the cabinet.
2. Remove the two screws (using a ratchet
tool with a 8MM socket) that hold the top
hinge to the cabinet. Keep these screws
for later use.
3. Lift the top hinge straight up to free the pin
from the socket on the top of the door.
4. Lift the door and place it on a padded
surface to prevent scratching it.
5. Remove the plug buttons from the upper
left holes as illustrated and transfer them
to the uncovered holes at the right side.
Be sure to press the plug buttons firmly
into the holes.
6. Lay the cabinet on its side down on the
floor. Remove the two screws that hold
the bottom hinge to the cabinet using a
10MM socket. Keep these screws and
washer for later use.
Top hinge
Hinge cover
Plug button
Bottom hinge