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818 22 92-00/6
Environmental Information
All transit packaging materials are environmentally compatible and can
be reused. Wood is un-treated. The plastics can be recycled and are
identified as follows:
>PE< for polyethylene, e.g. the outer covering and the bags in the inte-
>PS< for polystyrene foam, e.g. the pads, which are pure hydrocarbon
compounds and can be recycled.
The carton parts are made from recycled paper. Please dispose of the
packaging with due care for the environment.
Old Appliances
When disposing of your old appliance:
Make the appliance unusable by cutting off the cable and remove any
door catches to ensure small children cannot be trapped inside.
Help to keep your country tidy - use an authorised disposal site.
Appliance Transport
Two persons are required to transport the appliance. There are two
recessed handles at the front of the base and at the back of the appli-
ance at the top for improved gripping.
Grip the appliance with the recessed handles positioned as in the draw-
ing, and transport the appliance.
In order to push the appliance into its final position, press carefully at
the top of the door and tip the appliance back slightly. The weight is
then transferred to the back wheels and the appliance can be easily
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