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What to do if ...
818 22 92-00/6
The appliance is over-
The temperature has been
set too low.
Temporarily select a higher
temperature setting.
The freezer compartment
temperature is insufficient.
Temperature is not properly
Please refer to the section
"Temperature Adjustment".
Door was open for a long
Only leave the door open
as long as necessary.
Within the last 24 hours a
large quantity of warm
foods were loaded.
Appliance is next to a
source of warmth.
Please refer to the section
"Installation Location".
Interior illumination does
not function.
Light bulb is defective.
Please refer in this chapter
under "Replace light bulb" .
Accumulation of frost at
the door seal.
Door is not properly sealed
(perhaps after reversing
the door).
Carefully warm the door
seal with a hand-held hair
dryer at those points which
are not airtight (no warmer
than approx. 50°C). At the
same time, shape the
warmed door seal by hand,
so that it is again properly
Unusual noises.
Appliance is not level.
Readjust the front levelling
Appliance is in contact
with wall or other objects.
Push appliance away a
short distance.
A part at the back of the
appliance, e.g. a tube, is in
contact with another
appliance part or the wall.
Bend this part away
carefully if necessary.
The compressor does not
start immediately after
pressing the TURBO/
FROSTMATIC button, or
after changing the
temperature setting.
This is normal, no error has
The compressor starts after
a period of time.
Possible cause
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