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818 22 92-00/6
Storage Goods Symbols/Freezing Calendar
(not on all models)
• The symbols on the drawers
show different types of frozen
• The numbers indicate storage
times in months for the appropriate types of frozen goods. Whether
the upper or lower value of the indicated storage time is valid
depends on the quality of the foods and pre-treating before freezing.
The lower value applies to foods with high fat content.
Maximum Load
In order to load large quantities or bulky freezer items, you can remove
the interior (except for the bottom drawer and the upper compartment
lid, which serves for good ventilation) and place the freezer goods
directly onto the storage grid.
However, when the drawers are removed, the stored items must not
extend the load limit at the storage grid‘s front.
The appliance is suitable, depending upon the preset temperature, for
• "Long Fresh" Cooling
• "Standard" Cooling
• Drinks cooling.
The drawers of the appliance can be removed individually.
The removal is then especially advantageous if due to its size the
foodstuff you want to cool does not fit inside a drawer. You can in this
case stack the drawer below correspondingly higher.
"Long Fresh" Cooling
By selecting the DESIRED temperature of 0 °C up to +2 °C this
appliance can be used as a "Long Fresh" cooling unit.
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