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818 22 92-00/6
Temperature memory
While the current freezer temperature is above -8 °C, the warmest tem-
perature the freezer has reached during the alarm period is stored and
can be called up as often as wished by pressing the ALARM OFF button.
If the temperature in the freezer compartment drops to under -8 °C
and the ALARM OFF button has not been pressed prior, the warning
tone will switch off automatically. The red warning indicator and the
temperature display will continue to flash.
If the ALARM OFF button is pressed now, the red warning indicator
switches off. In addition, the temperature display will show for five sec-
onds the highest temperature the frozen food has warmed to. Then the
display will change to the current freezer temperature. The stored high-
est temperature is now erased.
If suspicion of partial or complete thawing exists, please
check the quality of the foods to determine if they can be used.
Function Errors
If the appliance electronics detects a technical fault that needs to be
rectified by customer service, the temperature display shows a square in
the lower part of the temperature display or a letter. The red warning
indicator flashes. The appliance will continue to operate in emergency
Opening the door
If the door is closed when the appliance is in operation, it cannot be
immediately opened again, because a vacuum occurs which holds the
door closed until pressure has been equalised. The door can be opened
again after several minutes.
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