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818 22 92-00/6
Control and Information Systems
The control and information systems consist of the temperature display,
an optical warning display and an acoustic warning.
The system warns:
– when first switching on the appliance (when the storage temperature
has not yet been attained);
– if the appliance door remains open for longer than 80 seconds
(operation mode "Freezing") or for longer than 5 minutes (operation
mode "Cooling");
– of excessive temperature in the freezer compartment (only in the
operation mode "Freezing");
– if there are functional errors with the appliance.
"Open Door" Warning
If the door remains open longer than approx. 80 seconds (operation
mode "Freezing") or longer than 5 minutes (operation mode "Cooling"),
the red warning indicator flashes and a warning tone sounds. If you
need more time for sorting or rearranging frozen or cooled foodstuff,
you can switch off warning tone for 80 seconds (operation mode
"Freezing") or for 5 minutes (operation mode "Cooling") by pressing the
ALARM OFF button.
The red warning indicator will go out when the door is closed.
Temperature Warning
(only in the operating mode "Freezing“)
The red warning display and the temperature display flashes and an
audible warning sounds, as soon as the temperature in the freezer com-
partment is warmer than -8 °C.
A rise in temperature may be caused by:
– frequent door opening for long periods of time;
– loading with large quantities of warm foods;
– high ambient temperature;
– an error with the appliance.
You can cancel the warning tone with the ALARM OFF button.
The temperature display for the freezer indicates the warmest
temperature the freezer has reached during the temperature alarm
period. After approx. 5 seconds the temperature display reverts to the
current freezer temperature. The red warning indicator will switch off
as soon as the temperature has dropped to under -8 °C.
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