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Description of the appliance
818 22 92-00/6
The TURBO/FROSTMATIC function in the freezing mode
provides for quick freezing of fresh food products, and at
the same time protects previously stored goods against
undesired warming in the freezer compartment.
In the cooling mode the TURBO/FROSTMATIC function is suitable for
fast cooling larger quantities of foodstuff, e.g. drinks or salads during a
party. Thereby a DESIRED temperature of +2 °C is automatically preset.
The TURBO/FROSTMATIC function is switched on by pressing the
TURBO/FROSTMATIC button. The yellow light illuminates.
The display shows „SF“ in the freezing mode. After 5 seconds the display
changes to show the actual temperature again.
In the cooling mode the display shows „IC“.
The compressor runs continuously.
The TURBO/FROSTMATIC function can be ended manually at any time
by pressing the TURBO/FROSTMATIC button again. The yellow light goes
If the TURBO/FROSTMATIC function is not ended manually, the
appliance electronics switch off the TURBO/FROSTMATIC function of
the freezing mode after approx. 50 hours, and the TURBO/FROSTMATIC
function of the cooling mode after 6 hours. The yellow light goes out.
Once the TURBO/FROSTMATIC function has been switched
on the DESIRED temperature that was set originally cannot be changed.
ALARM OFF button
With the ALARM OFF button, the acoustic warning signal
can be switched off, e.g. the "Open Door" warning when
sorting in or out, the food to be frozen.
When there is a temperature warning, if the ALARM OFF button is acti-
vated, following a power cut, the temperature display will show the
warmest temperature the frozen food has reached on restoration of the
power supply.
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