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Description of the appliance
818 22 92-00/6
Temperature display
The temperature display shows several types of
• In normal operation the current freezer compartment temperature is
displayed (ACTUAL temperature).
• During temperature adjustment, a blinking display of the
temperature selected at the moment occurs (DESIRED temperature).
• In the TURBO/FROSTMATIC function of the cooling mode "IC" for
intensive cooling appears in the display .
The current freezer temperature appears in the display while TURBO/
FROSTMATIC is functioning during freezing mode. If one of the tem-
perature setting buttons is pressed, “SF” (Super Frost) will appear in
the display for 5 seconds. The display will then revert to showing the
current freezer temperature.
• In the event that frozen food has been partially or totally defrosted,
perhaps as the result of a lengthy power failure and if the ALARM OFF
button is activated the temperature display will show the warmest
temperature the frozen food has reached on restoration of the power
• If there is a fault in the appliance a square or a letter will appear in
the temperature display.
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