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818 22 92-00/6
The no-frost (frost free) system
• The appliance can be used as a freezing unit or as a refrigerator depen-
ding on requirement. For this purpose, the operation mode "Freezing"
or the operation mode "Cooling" can be selected on the appliance.
– In the
operation mode "Freezing",
the appliance is usable for
freezing and deep-temperature storage with temperatures from
-15 °C up to -24 °C.
– In the
operation mode "Cooling",
this appliance can be operated as
a "long fresh" cooling unit with temperatures of 0 °C to +2 °C,
whereby a dry cabinet interior climate is attained through the no-
frost (frost-free) technology. The appliance can also be used in the
adjustable temperature range of up to +16 °C as a chilled cupboard
for food and drink. Naturally, it is also usable as a "normal"
refrigerator for the temperature range of +2 °C to +5 °C.
• TURBO/FROSTMATIC can be selected depending on purpose and need.
– In the
operation mode "Cooling",
is suitable
for fast cooling larger quantities when in the refrigerator mode, e.g.
for drinks or salads during a party. Thereby, a DESIRED temperature
of +2 °C is automatically preset. After 6 hours have expired, the
TURBO/FROSTMATIC function is terminated automatically.
– In the
operation mode "Freezing",
quick freezing of fresh foodstuffs and protects at the same time the
foodstuff already stored against undesired temperature increase
when in the freezer mode. The electronics of the appliance
recognises automatically, when the quick freezing mode can be
completed, and automatically switches off the TURBO/FROSTMATIC
function. (Depending upon the quantity to be frozen after 30 up to
maximum 51 hours).
• The
no-frost (frost free) system
enables both the freezing of fresh
foodstuff as well as the storage of readily frozen foodstuff by cold
air. An evaporator cools the air in the interior space of the appliance,
which is circulated and uniformly distributed by a ventilator. This
uniformly circulating air-flow creates a dry climate, low temperature
fluctuations and low temperature differences in the entire appliance
interior. The moisture in the air condenses as frost on the evaporator.
The evaporator thaws/defrosts automatically, as soon as this is
necessary. The melted water is drained off outside to the compressor
and evaporates through the heat generated by the latter. Thus, the
interior of the appliance and the stored cooled or frozen foodstuffs
always remain fresh and ice-free. Manual thawing/defrosting is not
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