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For such purpose it is recommended to put all foods in the
drawers in the freezer compartment.
Regular cleaning
Never use soap or abrasives for cleaning.
Once is it disconnected from the mains, wash the product
with lukewarm water and then wipe it dry.
Use clean water to clean the door sealing gasket.
After the cleaning operations, reconnect the product to
the mains.
Once or twice a year it is recommended to remove the dust
and dirt from the condenser mounted on the back panel.
Long-term absence
If you do not use the product for longer periods, make sure
to perform the following:
Switch off the product by pressing the on/off switch until
the on/off indicator goes out.
Disconnect the product from the mains.
Remove all foods from the product.
Perform defrosting and cleaning operations as described
Leave the doors ajar to avoid the build-up of unpleasant
Trouble shooting
A malfunction may be caused by only a minor fault that
you can rectify yourself using the following instructions.
Do not perform any other work on the appliance if the
following information does not provide assistance in your
specific case.
We draw your attention that operation of appliance goes
with certain sounds (compressor- and circulating sound).
This normal operation.
We draw it to your attention that the appliance
operates discontinuously, so the stopping of
compressor does not mean being no-current. That is why
you must not touch the electrical parts of the appliance
before removing it from the mains socket.
In as much as the advice does not lead to result, call your nearest Service Force Centre.
Cooling is too weak.
Cooling is too strong.
No cooling at all.
Noisy operation
Possible causes
Thermostat is set too low.
No sufficient pre-cooling done before freezing started.
Too large quantity of food inserted:
Too much food inserted for freezing at the same time.
Food inserted while still hot.
Door not fully closed.
Thermostat is set too high.
Plug is not properly inserted into socket.
No current in socket.
According to the indicator, the on/off switch (B) is not
switched on.
Product support is not correct.
Remedial action
Set to higher position.
Provide for sufficient pre-cooling time.
Cut food into pieces.
Insert less food.
Insert food of
room temperature only.
Check if door is fully closed.
Set to lower position.
Check plug-socket connection.
Check presence of current.
Press the on/off switch (B) for more than a second.
Check stability of product support (all four feet
should stand on floor).
Power or operation failure:
In case of power failure during the storage of frozen foods, make sure not to open the freezer door. Once the power failure is
over, the yellow indicator (3) of the quick freeze function will light up and then, 5 hours after restart, it will automatically go
If a short power failure occurs (max. 13 hours) and the appliance is full, the stored foods will not deteriorate. Otherwise you
must use the stored food as soon as possible (if the temperature of the frozen foods rises, their storability will be shorter).
When the electronic system fails to detect the ACTUAL temperature, the alarm indicator will start to flash. The product will
continue to operate with the use of a reserve system until the problem is eliminated by the local service personnel.
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