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General safety precautions
This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when
moving it.
Keep these instructions. They should remain with the
appliance when moving away or changing owner.
This appliance is designed for storing and freezing
food, domestic use according to these instructions
Only specialised companies that are qualified to do
so by the manufacturer must carry out service and
repairs including repairing and changing the power
Accessory parts supplied by them should be used
only for repairing. Alterations or changes are not
permitted for reasons of safety.
The appliance is out of circuit only in that case if the
plug is removed from the socket. Before cleaning and
maintenance always switch off and unplug the
appliance (do not get it by the cable). If the socket is
difficult to reach, switch off the appliance by cutting
off the current.
Power cord must not be lengthened.
Make sure that the power plug is not squashed or
damaged by the back of the fridge/freezer.
- A damaged power plug may overheat and cause a
Do not place heavy articles or the fridge/freezer
itself on the power cord.
- There is a risk of a short circuit and fire.
Do not remove the power cord by pulling on its lead,
particularly when the fridge/freezer is being pulled
out of its niche.
- Damage to the cord may cause a short-circuit, fire
and/or electric shock.
- If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
a certified service agent or
qualified service
If the power plug socket is loose, do not insert the
power plug.
- There is a risk of electric shock or fire.
When cleaning, defrosting, taking out frozen food or
ice tray do not use sharp, pointed or hard devices, as
they can cause damage to the appliance.
Ice and ice-cream can cause hurt if they are eaten
immediately after removal from the frozen food
After defrosting frozen food it must not be refrozen, it
must be consumed up as soon as possible.
Store pre-packed frozen food in accordance with the
frozen food manufacturer's instructions.
You must not make defrosting faster with any electric
heating appliance or chemicals.
Warning: if you place frozen foods on top of the
product, the interaction of cold and vapor may
produce water condensate in the space below the top.
If such water condensate drips on the electric
components placed in that space, a short-circuit may
occur and damage the product. Therefore it is
forbidden to place frozen foods on top of the product.
Do not store flammable gas and liquid in the
appliance because they may explode.
Do not put carbonated drinks, bottled drinks and
bottled fruits into the freezer.
Precautions for child safety
Do not allow children to play with the packaging of
the appliance. Plastic foil can cause suffocation.
This appliance is designed to be operated by adults.
Children should not be allowed to tamper with the
controls or play with the product.
When the appliance is to be scrapped, cut off the
electrical supply cable and destroy the plug with
remaining cable. Disable the door catch in order to
prevent children from becoming trapped inside.
Safety precautions for installation
Place the appliance against the wall to avoid touching
or catching warm parts (compressor, condenser) to
prevent possible burn.
When moving the appliance take care to remove the
plug in the socket.
When placing the appliance take care not to stand it
on the power cord.
Adequate air circulation should be around the
appliance as lack of this will lead to overheating. To
achieve sufficient ventilation follow the instructions
relevant to installation.
Safety precautions for isobutane
The refrigerant of the appliance is isobutane (R600a)
that is inflammable and explosive to a greater extent.
Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure
or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction.
Do not use mechanical devices or other means to
accelerate the defrosting process, other than those
recommended by the manufacturer.
Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
Do not use electrical appliances inside the food
storage compartments of the appliance, unless they
are of the type recommended by the manufacturer.
For the safety of life and property keep the
precautions of these user's instructions as the
manufacturer is not responsible for damages caused by
Important safety information
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