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Important Safety Instructions
mains plug, cut off the mains cable, break or remove spring or bolt
catches, if fitted. By doing this you ensure that children cannot lock
themselves in the appliance when playing (there is risk of suffoca-
tion!) or get themselves into other dangerous situations.
• Often children cannot recognise the hazards present in household
appliances. It is therefore important that you ensure adequate super-
vision and never let children play with the appliance!
Daily Operation
• Containers with flammable gases or liquids can leak at low tempera-
tures. There is a risk of an explosion! Do not store any containers
with flammable materials such as spray cans, fire extinguisher refill
cartridges etc in the refrigerator/freezer.
• Bottles and cans must not be placed in the freezer. They can burst
when the contents freeze, high carbonate content drinks can even
explode! Never store lemonade, juices, beer, wine, sparkling wine etc.
in the freezer. Exception: high alcohol content spirits can be stored
in the freezer.
• Do not put ice creams or ice cubes in the mouth immediately after
removal from the freezer. Very cold ice can freeze to the lips or
tongue and cause injury.
• Do not touch frozen food with wet hands. Your hands could stick to
the food causing skin abrasions.
- Do not operate any electrical appliances in the refrigera-
tor and/or freezer (e.g. electric ice cream makers, mixers etc.).
- In order not to impair the function of the appliance,
never cover or obstruct the ventilation openings.
- Do not damage the cooling circuit.
• Before cleaning the appliance, always switch off the appliance and
unplug it, or disconnect from the electricity supply.
Placing frozen goods on the top of the appliance can lead to the
accumulation of condensation in the cavity of the storage tray
through contact with the cold. Electronic components are housed
within this cavity. If condensation should drip onto these compo-
nents, the appliance could be damaged by a short circuit. For this
reason do not place frozen goods on top of the appliance.
• When unplugging always pull the plug from the mains socket, do not
pull on the cable.
In case of malfunction
• If a malfunction occurs on the appliance, please look first in the
"What to do if ..." section of these instructions. If the information
given there does not help, please do not perform any further repairs
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