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Magnetic door seal
After opening and closing the door of your freezer you will not be able
to open the door again immediately. This is because a vacuum will
have developed inside, keeping the door closed until the pressures
inside and outside the door have equalised. After a few minutes you
can easily reopen the door.
Energy Saving Tips
• Do not install the appliance near boilers, radiators or other sources
of heat. High ambient temperatures cause longer, more frequent
operation of the compressor.
• Ensure sufficient air circulation and exhaust at the appliance base
and at the back wall of the appliance. Never cover air vent openings.
• Do not place warm foods into the appliance. Allow warm foods to
cool first.
• Do not leave the door open any longer than necessary.
• Do not set temperature any colder than necessary.
• Check the storage temperature in the freezer on the temperature
• Put frozen food in the fridge to defrost. The cold in the frozen food
will then be used to cool the fridge.
• Always keep the heat emitting condenser, the metal grille on the rear
wall of your appliance clean.
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