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Dear customer,
Before placing your new refrigerator/freezer into operation please read
these operating instructions carefully. They contain important informa-
tion for safe use, for installation and for care of the appliance.
Please keep these operating instructions for future reference. Pass
them on to possible new owners of the appliance.
These operating instructions are for use with several technically com-
parable models with varying accessories. Please observe the notes
which apply to your model.
Notes which are important for your safety or for the proper function-
ing of the appliance are stressed with a warning triangle and/ or with
signal words (
Warning!, Caution!, Important!
). Please observe the fol-
lowing carefully.
This symbol guides you step by step in the operation of the appliance.
Supplementary information regarding operation and practical applica-
tions of the appliance appear after this symbol.
Tips and notes concerning economical and environmentally sound use
of the appliance are marked with the cloverleaf.
The operating instructions contain instructions for the correction of
possible malfunctions by the user in the section "What to do if ...".
If these instructions should not be sufficient, please contact your local
Service Force Centre.
Printed on paper manufactured with environmentally sound proceses
he who thinks ecologically acts accordingly...
This manual is suitable for devices