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Storage Goods Symbols/Freezing Calendar
• The symbols on the drawers show
different types of frozen goods.
• The numbers indicate storage times
in months for the appropriate types
of frozen goods. Whether the upper or lower value of the indicated
storage time is valid depends on the quality of the foods and pre-
treating before freezing. The lower value applies to foods with high
fat content.
Preparation of Ice Cubes
Fill the ice cube tray 3/4 full with cold water, place it in the freezer
compartment and leave to freeze.
To loosen the frozen cubes, either bend the ice cube tray or hold it
under running water for a few seconds.
Never try to free an ice tray that is frozen to the freezer
compartment using pointed or sharp edged objects. Use the ice scraper
During use and when the door is opened, moisture is deposited as frost
inside the appliance, particularly on the evaporator melts. This frost
must be removed from time to time using the soft plastic scraper sup-
plied. Under no circumstances use hard or pointed objects for this pur-
The freezer should always be defrosted when the layer of frost has
reached a thickness of approx. 4 millimetres. Defrost should be carried
out once a year regardless of the amount of frost that has built up. A
good time for defrosting is when the appliance is empty or contains
only little food.
Each temperature rise reduces the keeping qualities of your frozen
food. Around 12 hours before defrosting your freezer, switch over to
fast freeze to build up a low temperature reserve in the frozen food.
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