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each further press of one of the two buttons, the DESIRED tempera-
ture is adjusted by one display field.
The temperature is fixed to -18°C.
From a food safety point of view -18°C should be considered suffi-
ciently cold for storing food in the freezer.
Once the required temperature has been set, after a short period
(approx. 5 sec.) the temperature display will change and again indicate
the current ACTUAL temperature inside the fridge. The display will
change from flashing to continuous illumination.
The compressor will start and then run automatically.
When the setting is changed, the compressor does not
start immediately if automatic defrosting is currently taking place.
Wait until the freezer compartment has reached a temper-
ature of
-18°C before storing frozen food.
The FROSTMATIC function accelerates the freezing of
fresh food and, at the same time, protects foodstuffs
already stored from undesirable warming.
The FROSTMATIC function is switched on by pressing the FROSTMATIC
button. The yellow light illuminates. If the FROSTMATIC function is not
ended manually, the appliance electronics switch off the FROSTMATIC
function after 48 hours. The yellow light goes out.
The FROSTMATIC function can be ended manually at any time by pres-
sing the FROSTMATIC button again. The yellow light goes out.
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