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Color Mode
The projector offers different Color Modes to provide optimum brightness, contrast, and color for a
variety of viewing environments and image types. You can select a mode designed to match your image
and environment, or experiment with the available modes.
If you always want to use a particular color mode for a certain video input source, you can select it using
the projector menus.
Changing the Color Mode
Available Color Modes
Turning On Auto Iris
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Using Basic Projector Features
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Changing the Color Mode
You can change the projector's Color Mode using the remote control to optimize the image for your
viewing environment.
Turn on the projector and switch to the image source you want to use.
If you are projecting from a DVD player or other video source, insert a disc or other video media and
press the play button, if necessary.
Press the
Color Mode
button on the remote control to change the Color Mode.
The image appearance changes and the name of the Color Mode appears briefly on the screen.
To cycle through all the available Color Modes for your input signal, press the
Color Mode
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Color Mode