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Wireless Network Security Guidelines
A wireless network allows the exchange of information using radio signals, so you can easily connect to
the network if you are within range of the radio signals. However, within a certain range, the signals can
reach unintended recipients.
Security experts recommend password protected wireless networks. Check with your network
administrator for guidance on setting up wireless security for your network.
If wireless security countermeasures are not implemented, problems such as the following may occur:
• Communicated data could be intercepted by a third party who is receiving wireless transmissions
without authorization, and who could obtain personal information from these transmissions such as
IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, or the contents of personal e-mail messages.
• Unauthorized access to a network by a third party could result in access to an individual or intra-
company network without permission, allowing them to do any of the following:
• Retrieve personal data or other secret information (information leakage)
• Pose as another user and send inappropriate data (impersonation)
• Overwrite the contents of intercepted data and resend it (falsification)
• Introduce a computer virus which could cause data loss or system crashes (damage)
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Wireless Network Projection
Installing the Wireless LAN Module
To use the projector over a wireless network, install the Epson 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN module in the
projector. Do not install any other type of wireless module.
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