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Setting Up the Projector
Follow the instructions in these sections to set up your projector for use.
Projector Placement
Projector Connections
Installing Batteries in the Remote Control
Opening the Lens Cover
Projector Placement
You can place the projector on almost any flat surface to project an image.
You can also install the projector in a ceiling mount if you want to use it in a fixed location.
Keep these considerations in mind as you select a projector location:
• Place the projector on a sturdy, level surface or install it using a compatible mount.
• Leave plenty of space around and under the projector for ventilation, and do not place it on top of or
next to anything that could block the vents.
• Position the projector within reach of a grounded electrical outlet or extension cord.
Projector Setup and Installation Options
Projection Distance
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Setting Up the Projector
Projector Setup and Installation Options
You can set up or install your projector in the following ways: