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Displaying From a Mac Laptop
If you see the "No Signal" message when you display from a Mac laptop, you need to set up the laptop
for mirrored display. (See your laptop manual for details.)
Open the
System Preferences
utility and select
Click the
Select the
Mirror Displays
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Solutions When "No Signal" Message Appears
Solutions When "Not Supported" Message Appears
If the "Not Supported" message appears, try the following solutions:
• Make sure the correct input signal is selected on the Signal menu.
• Make sure the computer's display resolution does not exceed the projector's resolution and frequency
limit. If necessary, select a different display resolution for your computer. (See your computer manual
for details.)
• As a test, try setting the computer's display resolution to the lowest possible setting, and then
gradually increase it as necessary.
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Solving Image or Sound Problems
Solutions When Only a Partial Image Appears
If only a partial computer image appears, try the following solutions:
• Press the
button on the remote control to optimize the image signal.
• Try adjusting the image position using the
menu setting.
• Press the
button on the remote control to select a different image aspect ratio.
• If you zoomed into or out of the image using the
buttons, press the
button until the
projector returns to a full display.
• Check the cables connecting the computer or video source to the projector. Try connecting different
• Check your computer display settings to disable dual display and set the resolution within the
projector's limits. (See your computer manual for details.)
• Check the resolution assigned to your presentation files to see if they are created for a different
resolution than you are projecting in. (See your software help for details.)
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Solving Image or Sound Problems