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• To remove stubborn smudges, moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the
lens. Do not spray any liquid directly on the lens.
Do not use a lens cleaner that contains flammable gas. The high heat generated by the
projector lamp may cause a fire.
Do not use glass cleaner or any harsh materials to clean the lens and do not subject the lens
to any impacts; you may damage it. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue. Avoid
touching the lens with your bare hands to prevent fingerprints on or damage to the lens surface.
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Projector Maintenance
Cleaning the Projector Case
Before cleaning the projector case, turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
• To remove dust or dirt, use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.
• To remove stubborn dirt, use a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. Do not spray liquid
directly on the projector.
Do not use wax, alcohol, benzine, paint thinner, or other chemicals to clean the projector
case. These can damage the case. Do not use canned air, or the gases may leave a residue.
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Projector Maintenance
Air Filter and Vent Maintenance
Regular filter maintenance is important to maintaining your projector. Your Epson projector is designed
with an easily accessible, user-replaceable filter to protect your projector and make regular maintenance
simple. Filter maintenance intervals will depend on the environment.
If regular maintenance is not performed, your Epson projector will notify you when the temperature
inside the projector has reached a high level. Do not wait until this warning appears to maintain your
projector filter as prolonged exposure to high temperatures may reduce the life of your projector or lamp.
Damage due to the failure to properly maintain the projector or its filter may not be covered by the
projector or lamp Limited Warranties.
Cleaning the Air Filter and Vents
Replacing the Air Filter
Parent topic:
Projector Maintenance