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Installing a Security Cable
You can install two types of security cables on the projector to deter theft.
• Use the security slot on the projector to attach a Kensington lock. See your local computer or
electronics dealer for purchase information.
• Use the security cable attachment point on the projector to attach a wire cable and secure it to a room
fixture or heavy furniture.
Do not pass drop-prevention cables through the security cable attachment point when mounting
the projector on a wall or ceiling.
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Projector Security Features
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Projector Identification System for Multiple Projector Control
You can operate multiple projectors using one remote control for more elaborate presentations. To do
this, you assign an identification number to each projector and to the remote control. Then you can
operate all the projectors at once or individually.
You can also match the colors displayed by any projectors you plan to use near each other.
Leave at least 2 feet (60 cm) of space between the projectors to prevent them from