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• Wireless LAN module for projection, monitoring, and control via remote network computer (EX5250
• Projection from iOS or Android devices and free Epson iProjection app; visit
(U.S.) or
(Canada) for more information
(EX3240/EX5240/VS240/VS340/VS345 require the optional wireless LAN module)
• PC Free photo slide shows via connected USB memory devices or Epson document camera
• Two HDMI ports for multiple high-definition AV devices, including MHL support (EX9200 Pro)
• HDMI/MHL port for computer or video device connection, including MHL-enabled devices (EX7240
• HDMI port for computer or video device connection (EX3240 Pro/VS240/VS340/VS345)
Easy-to-use setup and operation features
• Epson's quick-connect on-screen QR code feature for easy wireless setup
• Low total cost of ownership with longer lamp life
• Automatic vertical keystone correction and innovative horizontal keystone correction slider for flexible
projector placement
• 1.2× optical zoom ratio for improved zooming capability (EX5240/EX5250 Pro/EX7240 Pro/EX9200
• Built-in closed captioning decoder
• Epson's Instant Off and Direct Power On features for quick setup and shut down
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Save all the packaging in case you need to ship the projector. Always use the original packaging (or
equivalent) when shipping.