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Adjusting Projector Features
Follow the instructions in these sections to use your projector's feature adjustments.
Shutting Off the Picture and Sound Temporarily
Stopping Video Action Temporarily
Zooming Into and Out of Images
Projector Security Features
Projector Identification System for Multiple Projector Control
Projecting Two Images Simultaneously
Copying Menu Settings Between Projectors
Shutting Off the Picture and Sound Temporarily
You can temporarily turn off the projected picture and sound if you want to redirect your audience's
attention during a presentation. Any sound or video action continues to run, however, so you cannot
resume projection at the point that you stopped it.
If you want to display an image such as a company logo or picture when the presentation is stopped, you
can set up this feature using the projector's menus.
If the picture and sound are off for more than 30 minutes, the power automatically turns off. You
can adjust this setting using the projector's menu system.
Press the
A/V Mute
button on the remote control to temporarily stop projection and mute any sound.
To turn the picture and sound back on, press
A/V Mute
You can also stop projection using the
A/V Mute
slide lever on the projector.