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Projecting a PC Free Presentation
You can use your projector's PC Free feature whenever you connect a USB device that contains
compatible image or movie files. This lets you quickly and easily display and control them using the
projector's remote control. You can also display a slide show of the images.
Supported PC Free File Types
Starting a PC Free Slide Show
Starting a PC Free Movie Presentation
PC Free Display Options
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Using Basic Projector Features
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USB Device Projection
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Connecting a USB Device or Camera to the Projector
Supported PC Free File Types
You can project these types of files using the projector's PC Free feature.
For best results, place your files on media that is formatted in FAT16/32. If you have trouble
projecting from media formatted for non-Windows file systems, try formatting the media for Windows
instead. You may not be able to use the security features on certain USB storage devices with PC Free