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If you use the projector in a country other than where you purchased it, use the correct power cord for
that country.
Do not stand on the projector or place heavy objects on it.
Do not use the projector outside of the required temperature range of 41 to 95 ºF (5 to 35 ºC). Doing
so may cause an unstable display and could lead to projector damage.
Do not store the projector outside of the required temperature range of 14 to 140 ºF (–10 to 60 ºC) or
in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Doing so may cause damage to the case.
Do not place anything that can become warped or damaged by heat near the exhaust vents. Do not
bring your hands or face close to the vents while projection is in progress.
Before you move the projector, make sure its power is turned off, the plug is disconnected from the
outlet, and all cables are disconnected.
Never try to remove the lamp immediately after use because it will be extremely hot. Before removing
the lamp, turn off the power and wait at least an hour to allow the lamp to cool completely.
Do not disassemble the lamp or subject it to impacts.
Do not place the source of an open flame, such as a lit candle, on or near the projector.
Do not block the lens during projection using a book or any object other than the lens cover. This could
damage the projector or cause a fire.
Do not modify the power cord. Do not place heavy objects on top of the power cord or bend, twist, or
pull it excessively. Keep the power cord away from hot electrical appliances.
If the lamp breaks, ventilate the room to prevent gases contained in the lamp from being inhaled or
coming in contact with your eyes or mouth. If you do inhale gases or gases come in contact with your
eyes or mouth, seek medical advice immediately.
If the projector is mounted overhead and the lamp breaks, be careful to prevent pieces of glass from
falling into your eyes when you open the lamp cover.
The lamp(s) in this product contain mercury. Please consult your state and local regulations
regarding disposal or recycling. Do not put in the trash.
: The cords included with this product contain chemicals, including lead, known to the State of
California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Wash hands after handling.
(This notice is
provided in accordance with Proposition 65 in Cal. Health & Safety Code § 25249.5 and following.)
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