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Technical Specifications
Projector Environmental Specifications
Operating: 41 to 95 ºF (5 to 35 ºC)
Storage: 14 to 140 ºF (-10 to 60 ºC)
(relative, non-
Operating: 20 to 80%
Storage: 10 to 90%
Operating altitude
Up to 4921 feet (1500 m)
Up to 7500 feet (2286 m) with High Altitude Mode enabled
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Technical Specifications
Projector Safety and Approvals Specifications
United States
FCC Part 15 Class B (DoC)
ICES-003 Class B
CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
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Technical Specifications
Supported Video Display Formats
For best results, your computer monitor or video card resolution should be set to display in the
projector's native resolution. However, your projector includes Epson's SizeWise chip that supports other
computer display resolutions, so your image will be resized to fit automatically.
Your computer's monitor or video card refresh rate (vertical frequency) must be compatible with the
projector. (See your computer or video card manual for details.)
The table here lists the compatible refresh rate and resolution for each compatible video display format.
Display format
Refresh rate (in Hz)
Resolution (in pixels)
Computer signals (analog RGB)