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Message Broadcasting
Message Broadcasting
Message Broadcasting is a plug-in for EasyMP Monitor.
Administrators can use the plug-in to send messages or
announcements to one or more projectors or all the projectors on the
network. You can send messages manually, or use the Timer function
in EasyMP Monitor to have messages sent automatically.
You can use Message Broadcasting to send images in JPEG format.
The maximum resolution for an image is 1920 × 1200 pixels.
Getting Started
Before you install the Message Broadcasting plug-in, make sure
EasyMP Monitor (version 4.40 or later) is installed, and your
projectors are registered in EasyMP Monitor. Make sure your
projectors support Message Broadcasting; check
if necessary.
Follow the instructions on the Epson website for downloading and
You need to use a networked Windows computer running
7, Windows Vista
, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
Professional to install the plug-in.
If any of the projectors you select are switched off, they will power on
automatically when you begin Message Broadcasting. For network
communication, make sure the
Standby Mode
setting in the
projectors’ Extended menu is set to
Communication On