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Connecting to a Computer for Sound
If your computer presentation includes sound and you did not connect it to the projector's USB
port, you can still play sound through the projector's speaker system. Just connect an optional 3.5
mm stereo mini-jack audio cable as described here.
Connect the audio cable to your laptop's headphone or audio-out jack, or your desktop's speaker or
audio-out port.
Connect the other end to the
port that corresponds to the
port you are using.
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Connecting to Computer Sources
Connecting to Video Sources
Follow the instructions in these sections to connect video devices to the projector.
Connecting to an HDMI Video Source
Connecting to a Component-to-VGA Video Source
Connecting to a Composite Video Source
Connecting to an S-Video Video Source
Connecting to a Video Source for Sound
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Projector Connections
Connecting to an HDMI Video Source
If your video source has an HDMI port, you can connect it to the projector using an optional HDMI cable.
The HDMI connection provides the best image quality.
Connect the HDMI cable to your video source's HDMI output port.