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contain important information about your projector.
contain additional projection information.
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Introduction to Your Projector
Where to Go for Additional Information
Need quick help on using your projector during a presentation? Here's where to look for help:
Built-in help system
Press the
button on the remote control or projector to get quick solutions to common problems.
(U.S) or
View FAQs (frequently asked questions) and e-mail your questions to Epson technical support 24
hours a day.
For detailed instructions on using your projector in a network environment, see the
EasyMP Network
Projection Operation Guide
installed with this manual from your projector CD.
If you still need help after checking this manual and the sources listed above, you can use the EPSON
PrivateLine Support service to get help fast. For details, see "Where to Get Help".
Parent topic:
Introduction to Your Projector
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Where to Get Help
Projector Part Locations
Check the projector part illustrations to learn about the parts on your projector.
Projector Parts - Front/Top
Projector Parts - Rear
Projector Parts - Base
Projector Parts - Control Panel
Projector Parts - Interactive Module
Projector Parts - Interactive Pen
Projector Parts - Remote Control
Parent topic:
Introduction to Your Projector