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Solutions When Network Alert E-Mails are Not Received
If you do not receive an e-mail alerting you to problems with a projector over the network, try the
following solutions:
Make sure the projector is turned on and connected to the network correctly. (If an error shut down the
projector, it cannot send an e-mail.)
Make sure you set up the projector e-mail alert settings correctly on the projector's network Mail menu
or in the network software.
Set the
Standby Mode
setting to
Communication On
so the network software can monitor the
projector in standby mode.
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Solving Problems
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Where to Get Help
If you need to contact Epson for technical support services, use the following support options.
Internet Support
Visit Epson's support website at
(U.S.) or
(Canada) for
solutions to common problems with your projector. You can download utilities and documentation, get
FAQs and troubleshooting advice, or e-mail Epson with your questions.
Speak to a Support Representative
To use the EPSON PrivateLine Support service, call (800) 637-7661 and enter the PIN on the EPSON
PrivateLine Support card included with your projector. This service is available for the duration of your
warranty period. You may also speak with a projector support specialist by dialing (562) 276-4394 (U.S.)
or (905) 709-3839 (Canada).
Support hours are 6 AM to 8 PM, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday and 7 AM to 4 PM, Pacific Time,
Days and hours of support are subject to change without notice. Toll or long distance charges may