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Strong fluorescent lighting, direct sunlight, or infrared device signals may be interfering with the
projector's remote receivers. Dim the lights or move the projector away from the sun or interfering
If available, turn off one of the remote receivers in the projector's menu system, or check if all the
remote receivers were turned off.
If you assigned an ID number to the remote control to operate multiple projectors, you may need to
check or change the ID setting (feature not available with all projectors).
If you lose the remote control, you can order another one from Epson.
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Solving Projector or Remote Control Operation Problems
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Solutions to Password Problems
If you cannot enter or remember a password, try the following solutions:
You may have turned on password protection without first setting a password. Try entering
the remote control.
If you have entered an incorrect password too many times and see a message displaying a request
code, write down the code and contact Epson.
If you lose the remote control you cannot enter a password. Order a new one from Epson.
Parent topic:
Solving Projector or Remote Control Operation Problems
Solving Interactive Pen Problems
Check the solutions in these sections if you have problems using the interactive pens.
Solutions When "Hardware Device Not Found" Message Appears
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Solutions When the Interactive Pens Do Not Work
Solutions When Calibration is Difficult
Solutions When the Interactive Pen Position Is Not Accurate
Solutions When the Interactive Pens are Slow or Difficult to Use
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Solving Problems