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HP support
Support process
HP support by phone
Support process
If you have a problem, follow these steps
Check the documentation that came with the HP Deskjet.
Visit the HP online support Web site at
. HP online support is available
to all HP customers. It is the fastest source for up-to-date device information and expert
assistance and includes the following features:
Fast access to qualified online support specialists
Software and driver updates for your HP Deskjet
Valuable HP Deskjet and troubleshooting information for common problems
Proactive device updates, support alerts, and HP newsgrams that are available when you
register your device
For Europe only: Contact your local point of purchase. If your device has a hardware failure,
you will be asked to bring it back to your local point of purchase. (Service is provided at no
charge during the device limited warranty period. After the warranty period, you will be quoted
a service charge.)
Call HP support. Support options and availability vary by device, country/region, and language.
HP support by phone
Phone support period
Placing a call
After the phone support period
Phone support period
One year of phone support is available in North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America (including
Mexico). To determine the duration of phone support in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, go
. Standard phone company charges apply.
Placing a call
Call HP support while you are in front of the computer and the HP Deskjet. Be prepared to provide
the following information:
Device model number (located on the label on the front of the device)
Device serial number (located on the back or bottom of the device)
Messages that appear when the situation occurs
Answers to these questions:
Has this situation happened before?
Can you re-create it?
Did you add any new hardware or software to your computer at about the time that this
situation began?
Did anything else occur prior to this situation (such as a thunderstorm, device was moved,
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