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Maintain the printer body
Because the HP Deskjet ejects ink onto the paper in a fine mist, ink smudges will
eventually appear.
To remove smudges, stains, or dried ink from the exterior
Turn off the HP Deskjet, and then disconnect the power cord.
Wipe the outside of the HP Deskjet with a soft cloth that has been lightly moistened
with water.
Do not use any type of cleaning solution. Household cleaners and
detergents might damage the printer finish. Keep all fluids away from the interior.
Do not lubricate the metal rod on which the print cartridge cradle slides. Noise is
normal when the cradle moves back and forth.
Remove ink from your skin and clothing
Follow these instructions to remove ink from your skin and clothing:
Wash the area with an abrasive soap.
White fabric
Wash the fabric in
water and use chlorine bleach.
Color fabric
Wash the fabric in
water and use sudsy ammonia.
Always use cold water to remove ink from fabric. Warm or hot water
can set the ink into the fabric.
Manually clean print cartridges
If the HP Deskjet is used in a dusty environment, a small amount of debris can
accumulate on the print cartridge contacts. This debris can cause ink streaks and missing
lines on printed pages. The problem can be corrected by manually cleaning the print
cartridge contacts.
You need the following items to clean the print cartridges:
Distilled water (tap water can contain contaminants that can damage the print
Cotton swabs or other soft, lint-free material that will not stick to the print cartridge
Be careful not to get
ink on your hands or clothing
as you clean.
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