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Install print cartridges
Align the print cartridges
Automatically clean print cartridges
Calibrate print quality
Print a test page
View estimated ink levels
Maintain the printer body
Remove ink from your skin and clothing
Manually clean print cartridges
Maintain print cartridges
Printer Toolbox
Install print cartridges
When you need to replace print cartridges, make sure you have the correct print
cartridges for your printer, and then install them in the print cartridge cradle.
Print cartridge combinations
Selection numbers
Ink-backup mode
Installation instructions
Print cartridge combinations
For printing most documents, use the tri-color print cartridge and the black print cartridge.
When printing photos, use the photo print cartridge along with the tri-color print cartridge.
Always install the tri-color print cartridge in the left side of the print cartridge cradle.
Install the black or photo print cartridge in the right side of the print cartridge cradle.
Selection numbers
When buying replacement print cartridges, look for the print cartridge selection number.
HP Deskjet D4100 series
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