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Print cartridges
Three print cartridges can be used with the printer.
Black print cartridge
Tri-color print cartridge
Photo print cartridge
For information about using the print cartridges, see the following topics:
Use print cartridges
Replace print cartridges
Use print cartridges
The print cartridges can be used in the following ways:
Everyday printing
: Use the black and tri-color print cartridges for everyday print
Quality color photos
: For more vibrant colors when printing color photographs or
other special documents, remove the black print cartridge and install a photo print
cartridge. The photo print cartridge, in combination with the tri-color print cartridge,
provides you with virtually grain-free photos.
Replace print cartridges
When buying print cartridges, look for the print cartridge selection number.
You can find the selection number in three places:
Selection number label: Look at the label on the print cartridge that you are replacing.
Selection number label
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